Download & Install

LighTS is hosted as an open source project by the SourceForge site. Visit the summary page for the project to find out more technical information about it, and download the package. After you download it, installation should be a snap:

  1. Decompress the distribution file lights1.0.tar.gz in a directory of your choice, e.g., C:\myDir.
  2. Add the location of the .jar files to the CLASSPATH environment variable. 
    from a MS-DOS prompt:
    set CLASSPATH = %CLASSPATH%;C:\myDir\lights.jar
    from a Unix shell:
    C shell: setenv CLASSPATH $CLASSPATH:/myDir/lights.jar
    bash:    export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/myDir/lights.jar

If you are using the adapters for TSpaces, you must have TSpaces 2.1.1 installed. You can download a copy of the current version of TSpaces at Installation instructions for TSpaces are provided in the documentation that comes with it. Make sure you install the CLASSPATH for TSpaces correctly.

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